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After the Mount Olivet Baptist Church adopted a resolution resulting in the black members being dismissed from the church. Rev. Walker Quarles, Rev. Slow, and Rev. E. J. Smith, conducted worship services until Rev. John Clarke was appointed as the first permanent pastor. 

Rev. Clarke appointed the first church officers and was succeeded by interim Pastors, Reverends Abraham Smith, William Butler and Ezekiel Coleman. 

In 1955, Rev. D. J. Ragland was installed. Rev. Ragland served for 21 years. Under his guidance a new organ was purchased, two more choirs were formed, various clubs were organized, a building fund program was established, five deacons and one trustee were ordained, an Easter Cantata Record was cut, the church celebrated its Centennial, a souvenir book was published and, the current edifice was built. Rev. Ragland resigned in 1976.


In 1977, the current pastor, the Rev., Dr. John W. Kinney was called. Pastor Kinney left in 1979 and during that time, Rev. Bobby Gattison was elected as Pastor Supply. In 1981, Rev. Kinney again agreed to become Pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church. The church’s accomplishments under the leadership of Rev. Kinney over the last thirty-nine plus years are too numerous to list. 

It is Pastor Kinney’s philosophy that “Children are not our church of tomorrow, but our church of today”, and given this philosophy the church has developed several programs geared to our young people.


                                                                      OUR MISSION


The name of this church shall be the Ebenezer Baptist Church of Beaverdam, Virginia.  As a historically African American congregation, we joyously welcome all God’s children while unapologetically celebrating and honoring our heritage and glorifying God who embraced us in the past, meets un in the present and calls us into the future.


The mission of this congregation is to give visible form to the faith and fellowship to which God has called God’s people.  We acknowledge ourselves to be a local manifestation of the universal church in and through which Jesus Christ still redeems and transforms the world and the Holy Spirit still anoints and empowers.  We shall seek to fulfill this calling through corporate worship services and the proclamation of the gospel in word and deed; through a program of Christian Education for the nurture, equipping and building up of God’s people; through shared fellowship and caring mutual support which affirms life, individuals, and community; and through loving service that ministers to human need and heals broken people and places. 

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